Endorsing the Ekklesia Project is an expression of our commitment to God, the Church, and the friendship we share in Christ. Recognizing that friends ask things of one another, we therefore ask of ourselves and our fellow endorsers that we:

  • maintain vital prayer lives
  • participate in the worship and missional life of our local congregations
  • practice the traditional works of mercy (e.g., feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, welcoming the stranger)
  • observe a regular fast (from food, technology, or other good) as a form of resistance to the idolatries of our culture
  • support the work of the Ekklesia Project with our prayers and, as we are able, with our monetary gifts

We know that we will need to rely on each other to be faithful in these thingsā€”to give and to receive strength and encouragement. We trust in the goodness of God to see us through. Click the link below to endorse The Ekklesia Project.