Podcasts from previous Gatherings.

You can find the podcasts from previous Gatherings by clicking below. The podcasts for years prior to 2010 can be found on their individual gathering pages.

2015 –Forming Youth in Our Congregations: Raising Danielle and Daniel to Live in Babylon

2014 –Tilling and Keeping: Fitting Practices for a Very Good Creation

2013 –Practicing the Peace of Christ in Church, Neighborhood, and Country

2012 –Slow Church: Abiding Together in the Patient Work of God

2011 -Neighbors Near and Far

Opening Worship , Closing Worship
PLENARY 1 (Danny Carroll) PLENARY 2 (Beth Newman) PLENARY 3 (Craig Wong) PANEL DISCUSSION (all plenary speakers)


2010 -Language, Wordcare and Radical Discipleship

Opening Worship, Closing Worship
PLENARY 1 (Debra Dean Murphy) PLENARY 2 (Stephen Long) PLENARY 3 (Barry Harvey)