Field Trip Option

We have arranged a special opportunity to see innovative creation care at work.  As the Gathering concludes (noon on Saturday), a group will field trip to the Chicago Lights Urban Farm, an innovative agriculture program developed by 4th Presbyterian Church and Growing Power.

The logistics are simple. We will provide bag lunches and CTA train passes. Joe Bowling will lead the group, which will walk to the CTA train, ride briefly, and walk 3 blocks to the farm, picnicking there. (Persons with vehicles can choose to drive there.)  We anticipate that this visit will conclude by 2:30 at which point you can return to the DePaul campus or take other transportation. (Your CTA pass will include a second ride, so you can go straight to the airport. We hope to be able to provide a ‘follow car’ for luggage.)

In order to provide the lunches and passes, we need a hard count. Persons who have already indicated an interest in the field trip will be contacted. Others should email Ragan Sutterfield.