2014: Tilling and Keeping: Fitting Practices for a Very Good Creation

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Around 140 college students, theologians, pastors, and laity gathered for transformational conversation around tables in Chicago. Their imaginations were seeded by ten brief documentaries, each telling the story of a church community practicing creation care in a holistic way.¬†Accompanying each documentary were presenters from that community. Nineteen participants went on a post-Gathering field trip to Growing Power’s Iron Street Farm. The Gathering was rich soil from which profound transformation may grow.


Thursday July 10 – Saturday July 12


DePaul University,  Lincoln Park Campus, Chicago

Plenary Speakers

Norman Wirzba, Ched Myers, Philip Bess

Workshop Leaders

Danny Kim – “Writing Creation” (on poetry)
Kyle Childress – “What do you do when You Lose? Keystone XL, Activism and the Congregation”
Dan McClain, Tyler DeLong and Greg Clark on Craft
Ben Stewart on Green Burials
Anna Jane Joyner on Climate Conversations in the Church
Koinonia Farm on Sabbath Practices


Sally Youngquist, Jessie Shuman Larkins, Jim McCoy