An Appeal to Abolish War (conference document)

In 2002, Stanley Hauerwas and Enda McDonagh co-authored An Appeal to Abolish War.  This document has served, in part, as a catalyst for The Ekklesia Project to focus Gathering 2013 on Practicing the Peace of Christ. We recognize with repentance that there’s far more to peace than abolishing war, indeed, that God’s shalom is a positive social reality, not just the absence of strife. But we also recognize with hope that the eschatological fullness of Christ’s peace is the poetic reality of swords beaten into plowshares.

This document will certainly be part of the plenary conversation between Mike Budde and Stanley Hauerwas, and it will be a focus for the morning workshop with Stan and Matt Morin. A printed copy will be placed in your conference folder.

An Appeal to Abolish War