2013: Practicing the Peace of Christ in Church, Neighborhood, and Country



Thursday, July 11 to Saturday, July 13


DePaul University Campus Lincoln Park, Chicago

Podcasts Posted

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Plenary Speakers

Mike Budde and Stan Hauerwas discuss the abolition of war.

George Kalantzis and Steve Fowl present on peace in our countries.

Randy Cooper and Jana Bennett present on peace in our churches.

Alan Howe and Kelly Johnson present on peace in our neighborhoods.


Matt Morin and Stanley Hauerwas will engage “The Abolition of War”

Erin Dufault-Hunter, “Sharing Communion but not Convictions: Practicing Peace over the Same-Sex Marriage Divide in Local Churches.”

David Jantzen and local witnesses, “Extending the Mission of the Church through Intentional Christian Communities”

Ted Lewis, “Restorative Justice: Ecclesial Roots, Ecclesial Applications.”

Peter Mommsen, The Bruderhoff’s response to WWII and the way those practices continue to shape their communities today.


The Ekklesia Project is a network of Christians from across the Christian tradition who rejoice in a peculiar kind of friendship rooted in our common love of God and the Church.

“Jesus’ followers are called to peace. When Jesus called them, they found their peace. Jesus is their peace. Now they are not only to have peace, but they are to make peace.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s words serve to remind the church that peace is not extraneous to our life together; the Peace of Jesus Christ is our common life. Peace is the call we have received, the gift we have been given, the good news that has been preserved for us in the lives of countless saints.

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