Slow Church Theme

In a world addicted to speed, violence, and the immediate we worship the God who walked with his people for forty years across the wilderness, sat with his people for seventy years in exile, attends to the impoverished and down-and-out, considers the lilies of the fields, loves this world enough to become human, died on a cross rather than kill, and took three days to be resurrected.  Known among us in broken bread, poured-out wine, and a gathered people, we abide in him, and in so doing we are learning to abide with others, and with all creation.

From the beginning, EP has been focused on  a patient ecclesiology that recognizes that Christ has given us all the time we need to receive and respond to the urgent message of the gospel. Our Congregational Formation Initiative seeks to nurture and support “lifelong formation.” In a 2007 Gathering workshop, Michael Bowling and Susan Adams of Englewood Christian Church offered “Sustaining Congregational Conversations for the Long Haul.” In 2008, Kyle Childress asked in a bLogos post “what it would mean for us to be a slow church?” Three years later, Kyle reminded us that our “temptation is to look for shortcuts”; we want Jesus and church “delivered fast.”

The EP board has also nominated a planning team, helmed by Joel Shuman. It includes Chris Smith, Ragan Sutterfield, Stan Wilson, Kyle Childress, and Patti Hom.