Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan R. Wilson is Pioneer McDonald Professor of Theology at Carey Theological College, Vancouver, BC, a seminary of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada with teaching programs in Vancouver, Kenya, Bolivia, Lebanon, India, and China. He is a long-time friend of the subversives who began and sustain The Ekklesia Project and has been an endorser and sporadic attender of EP from the beginning. He was married to Marti Crosby Wilson, who died September 16, 2010. Their daughter Leah Wilson-Hartgrove is a founder, with her husband Jonathan, of Rutba House.  “Father” Jonathan (the elder) has been teaching “water buffalo theology” for over 20 years. He has been thinking and talking about slow church since moving to the west side of Vancouver in 2006. He has recently completed terms as interim senior pastor, then interim pastoral team leader at West Point Grey Baptist Church.