All workshops were offered twice on Friday.

Churches, Neighbors, and Lectio

Our imaginations and hearts and actions are converted by the Holy Spirit, often through biblical texts. The ancient practice of lectio divina is a means for personal and corporate listening in service of making ourselves more available to God’s initiatives. We will be beginning our morning plenaries with a brief lectio using Luke 10:1-12 (the sending of the 70). This workshop will explain the role of lectio, provide stories about how this practice has shaped a church’s imagination and activities, and provide participants with a more time for actually engaging the text, each other, and God.  EP Workshop Lectio handout

Rev Mark Lau Branson teaches at Fuller Theological Seminary and is on the Ekklesia board. He is the author of Churches, Cultures and Leadership (IVP, 2011)

Immigration Policy & Ecclesial Engagement: An Overview

What’s going on in the current immigration policy landscape in America, and how does it relate to the past (e.g. the anti-Chinese legislation of the 19th century?  Who’s saying what, and how are human communities being adversely affected?  What are some ways that the Church has been engaging immigration policy and reform efforts? Craig’s website offers a wealth of immigration resources.

Craig Wong is executive director of Grace Urban Ministries in San Francisco, a frequent author for Prism and an advocate for immigration reform. He is an active member of Grace Community Church, one of our sponsoring congregations.

Embodying Hospitality in the Home

Following the lead of Jesus who broke down barriers by embracing lepers, partying with outcasts and eating meals in the homes of shady characters, we want to explore what it means to break down the barrier of our front door by welcoming the stranger and alien into our homes – at our dinner tables, in our guest rooms, or even to move in down the hall.  What does it mean to be open hearted and open handed with the stranger in the most intimate arena of our homes?  How can this be done in a sustainable way over the long haul and not just for a romantic season of radical hospitality?  How can this be a work of the body of Christ and not just an individual’s personal project?   Suzie and Debbie hope to impart a vision for this sort of welcome as well as solicit stories of hospitality in the home from workshop participants. Here is their EP Recommended Reading – Hospitality.

Suzie Logan from Church of the Servant King in Eugene, Oregon and Debbie Gish from Church of the Sojourners in San Francisco each have been living in Christian community for the past 25 years, and among other things, have been changing sheets and cooking meals for friend, family and stranger alike throughout those years.   Suzie did research on the Sanctuary Movement and worked for several years with Central American refugees as an immigration paralegal.  She currently helps coordinate the welcome of guests into their multi-household community.  Debbie similarly worked as an immigration paralegal before returning to school to receive her masters in social work.  After a decade working with children in a hospital setting, she now works as an adoption social worker.

Suffer the Little Children: Ministry with Immigrant Families

Often lost in the shrillness of the immigration debate are the stories behind the statistics, the flesh-and-blood families behind the facts. Children, especially, have remained largely voiceless and invisible as arguments have raged on. Drawing on their experiences of working with immigrant families in San Francisco and suburban North Carolina, Pam, Amy, and Debra will share stories—of small successes, big mistakes, and the welcome work of God’s grace.

Pam Chao is associate director of Grace Urban Ministries and a member of Grace Fellowship Community Church in San Francisco. Debra Dean Murphy is assistant professor of religion at WV Wesleyan College. Amy Lee is legal aid attorney and volunteer attorney for Grace Urban Ministries and a member of Grace Fellowship Community Church.

The Church and Immigration: Advocacy and Social Service

This workshop will focus on the two major roles the Church has played on immigration. This workshop will focus on how do the prophetic and pastoral roles inform the ecclesial tasks around immigration.

Gabriel and Jeanette Salguero are pastors of The Lambs Church in Manhattan. Gabriel is the pastor of the Lamb’s Church of the Nazarene in New York City, a Ph.D. candidate at Union Theological Seminary, and the director of the Hispanic Leadership Program at Princeton Theological Seminary. He is also a Sojourners board member. Jeanette pastor’s alongside her husband and is also an executive in the Reformed Church in America.  She holds a B.S. in Business Administration and a B.A. in Literature.  She is a licensed Nouthetic Counselor and is also a P.A.I.R.S Instructor.  She is currently working on her M.Div. and M.S.W. from New York Theological Seminary and Fordham University. Their children Jon-Gabriel and Seth are with them at the Gathering.