2010: Language, Wordcare and Radical Discipleship



“And God Said…”: Language, Wordcare and Radical Discipleship


July 6-8, 2010


DePaul University Campus
Lincoln Park, Chicago

Plenary Speakers

Steve Long, Barry Harvey and Debra Dean Murphy


The Ekklesia Project is a network of Christians from across the Christian tradition who rejoice in a peculiar kind of friendship rooted in our common love of God and the Church.

We met on the campus of DePaul University in Chicago July 6-8.  We gathered to steal words back, to retake speech from powers and principalities, to recover language’s capacity for life and love and joy, for goodness and beauty and truth. Putting it that way is a bit distorting, however, because we don’t succeed by doing violence to the violent, by deceiving the deceivers, by taking their distorted and distorting words as weapons in our battle. In the end, the words that win are received from the victorious Word–free gifts, enlivening gospel, fecund grace.