Workshops were held on the following topics at Gathering 2009.

Community Development

“Congregations, Communities and Development: Stories and Conversation”

A workshop to explore together issues related to churches/communities engaging in real development projects both large and small. Stories from Reba Place Fellowship and Englewood Christian Church will help focus our conversation.

Jubilee Business

“Doing Business for the Kingdom or the Empire?” (Listen to the Podcast)

A workshop exploring how two communities attempt to practice gospel-informed economics within the context of the marketplace. Georgia-based Koinonia Farm, founded by Clarence Jordan as a “demonstration plot for the kingdom of God,” and San Francisco-based Web development company Dayspring Technologies will share their experiences as a starting point for our conversation.

Common Purse

“All things in common: Sharing money in intentional Christian community”

A workshop led by Church of the Sojourners and Reba Place Fellowship.

Congregations Workshop

“Kingdom Economics in ‘Traditional’ Congregations”

In this workshop we will reflect on how “traditional” congregations might embody Kingdom economic practices. We will identify some of the theological assumptions that fund such a project and then tell how two traditional congregations are seeking to embody them. Finally we will interact with each other to identify practices that both inhibit and are generative of Kingdom economics in traditional congregations. Led by Christ Community and Northside Baptist.