Workshops were held on the following topics at Gathering 2008.

The Christian Community Development Association and EP in Conversation

Craig Wong, Grace Urban Ministries and Glenn Kehrein, Circle Urban Ministries

Confronting White Privilege in the Congregation

Tobin Miller Shearer, Damascus Road Trainer

Wrestling With Scripture

Michael Cartwright

Culture Matters: Diversity, Relevancy, and Contextualization in Worship

Michelle Loyd-Paige

It is tempting to go to Scripture to discover the ideal paradigm for liturgical practices. The fact is, however, Scripture prescribes no one monolithic form or language of worship. Biblical worship practice was diverse, reflecting the various cultural and apologetic environments of those gathered. We do not find any liturgical order or obligatory form of Christian worship in the teachings of Christ or the writings of the New Testament.

Slide Presentation

Church as Sanctuary: The Witness of Adalberto United Methodist Church

Reverend Slim Coleman