Opening Worship


“Speaking and Doing Truth in the Face of Divisions”


James Lewis


About 1,954 years ago, the Apostle Paul dispatches a letter to the Galatians.  The only authentic letter of Paul without the characteristic “Thanksgiving,” Galatians reveals Paul’s deep displeasure at the congregation’s being seduced into embracing another gospel—a gospel that is less than the truth which Paul both proclaimed and lived out.

While Paul challenges the body of Christ “to stand” in the freedom arising from bondage to Jesus the Christ, he does so by reminding them of his own calling, the implications of this calling, and the freedom we have in Christ.  Paul engages in selective autobiography to bear the thrust of his argument that faith in Jesus Christ—as he had proclaimed it—is wholly sufficient to transform the world.  Perhaps with furrowed brow and a pained look, Paul asks these believers in Galatia: “Who has deceived you?”