Day 1: Monday

Opening Worship

Stanley Hauerwas, preaching
Stan Wilson and Sharon Huey, worship leaders

Plenary 1

“It’s the Economy, Stupid”
Sam Wells


“Fasting as Communal Practice”
Therese Lysaught, Gary Wake and Steve Long, moderators

Pizza Party and Concert

The Psalters

Day 2: Tuesday

Plenary 2

“Kingdom Practices”
Deb Murphy, moderator
Brenna Cussen of the Catholic Worker House in South Bend gave an overview of Catholic Worker. Fred Bahnson and Grace Hackney presented Anatoth Gardens.

Workshop 1


  • “Preaching: On Funding Counter-Imagination,” David Fitch
  • “Icons: Theology in Color,” Allyne Smith
  • “Beyond Sunday School: Christian Formation and the Subversive Imagination,” D.D. Murphy
  • “The Salvation of the City or How to Be an Agrarian Ekklesia in the Great Northern Feedlot,” Fred Bahnson and Grace Hackney
  • “The Catholic Worker: Combating the Works of War with the Works of Mercy,” Brenna Cussen
  • “Faith into Hope: Theological Imagination in Contemporary Singer/Songwriters,” Brian Volck
  • In addition, the Psalters hosted a roundtable discussion of their music and ministry.

Plenary 3

“The Kingdom in Pictures and Poems”
Trevor Bechtel, Allyne Smith
Brian Volck, moderator

Workshop 2

(See the list of topics above)

Congregations in Action

Englewood Christian Church, an urban congregation in Indianapolis, told its story and its current life together. Pastor Mike Bowling and 5 laypersons took turns sharing about their ten year ‘conversation’ and the way it has changed their sense of calling.


From 7 to 8:30 Roy Terry hosted around a dozen brave EPers. We heard original poetry and fiction, silly songs accompanied by guitar, and mountain music on fiddle and guitar. We were shown original photography, hand sewn garments, and paintings.

Day 3: Wednesday

Plenary 4

“Heaven, Hell, and Everything In-between: Imagining the Kingdom with Dante”
Joel Shuman

Closing Worship/Footwashing

Jenny Williams, Nekeisha Alexis-Baker, the Psalters