The Gathering

We gather for three days each summer to forge new friendships and renew old ones, as we converse together about faithful discipleship. Together we worship, laugh, listen to stimulating talks, share workshops,  eat and fellowship. Though Chicago is not Zion, it has proven a convenient central location for our Gatherings. These pages provide information on the next Gathering, and lots of information about prior Gatherings.

2022: The Little Way: Practicing Love for the Life of the World (July 7-9, 2022)

Previous Gathering Themes

  • 2021: Discipleship in a Technological Age: A Virtual Summer Gathering
  • 2020 – postponed due to Covid-19
  • 2019: The Church as Politics
  • 2018: Defining Beauty
  • 2017: Go in Peace: Church as Mission
  • 2016: Becoming Like Little Children: The Gospel Gift of Vulnerability
  • 2015: Forming Youth in Our Congregations: Raising Danielle and Daniel to Live in Babylon
  • 2014: Tilling and Keeping: Fitting Practices for a Very Good Creation
  • 2013: Practicing the Peace of Christ in Church, Neighborhood, and Country
  • 2012: Slow Church: Abiding Together in the Patient Work of God
  • 2011: Neighbors Near and Far
  • 2010: ‘And God Said …’: Language, Wordcare and Radical Discipleship
  • 2009: Wealth and the Household of God
  • 2008: Crossing the Divide: Race, Racism and the Body of Christ
  • 2007: Learning Christ: Congregational Formation for the Long Haul
  • 2006: The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like…. Imagining our Shared Life in Christ
  • 2005: No Other Gods: Keeping the Commandments in the Face of Empire
  • 2004: Singing Mary’s Song: Practices of the Upside-Down Reign of God
  • 2003: Discipleship in a Divided Church
  • 2002: A Conspiracy of Friendship
  • 2001: Radical Discipleship and the Local Church
  • 2000: Inaugural Gathering of Friends and Co-Conspirators