Book Series

We are working to promote the publication of books that encourage our vision of vigorous ecclesial discipleship.

Christian Practice of Everyday Life

Working with Brazos Press, we have helped to bring forth a series called Christian Practice of Everyday Life. This open-ended series of books presents specifically Christian perspectives on some of the most prevalent contemporary practices of everyday life. It seeks to address some of the central concerns in The Ekklesia Project’s declaration — especially its hope that Christians might more actively demonstrate the ways in which their allegiance to the God of Jesus Christ takes priority over secular structures that compete for our loyalty — including the state, the market, race, class, gender, and other functional idolatries.

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Eerdmans Ekklesia Series

Beginning in 2007, The Ekklesia Project launched its academic monograph series with Wm B. Eerdmans Publishers. This series of scholarly monographs brings the more general concerns of EP to bear on theoretical and theological questions across the disciplines. The series hopes to become a home not only for theologians but for scholars in political science, history, literature, law, philosophy, and more.

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