Getting Your Feet Wet

This series consists of two seven-session studies which lay the groundwork for the rest of the initiative. The first study, The Shape of Our Lives, explores a number of basic issues regarding the dynamics of formation, such as what is being formed and how.  Study groups within congregations who take up this study will gain both a deeper awareness of the pervasiveness of the formation going on around and within them and a shared vocabulary with which to discuss these dynamics of formation within their own congregations.

The second study, The Shape of God’s Reign, builds on the first by exploring the identity and mission of the church. Why did God bring the church into existence?  What might it mean to think of the church as a community of formation called to participate in God’s redemptive, restorative work? This study begins by encouraging congregations to explore the various ways they have been formed to think of the purpose of the church, and then moves on to locate the church’s mission within God’s reconciling work in the world.  These two studies are available from Wipf and Stock Publishers by clicking the above links; they are also widely available through other online retailers.

To order discounted copies of the these studies from Wipf and Stock Publishers, click on the titles of the studies above. When ordering five or more copies, please call Wipf and Stock directly to obtain additional discounts (541- 344-1528). To preview the table of contents of each study and to read the introduction to the series,click here: Getting Your Feet Wet Preview.