Basic Strokes

Lifelong formation and transformation in and through the church is inseparable from those fundamental ecclesial practices that have served over the centuries as crucibles for such change.  Engaging in these practices requires apprenticeship. 

The fourth component involves more in-depth studies, each of which takes up a basic Christian practice. These offer congregations an opportunity to explore that practice’s basic contours as well as its current and potential role in congregational life. Because these studies presume both a mature level of congregational conversation as well as a shared perspective and vocabulary worked out in previous studies, we do not recommend these as stand-alone studies. The two studies listed below are currently available in PDF format by clicking on the titles.

Having and Sharing: A 12-session study written by Kelly S. Johnson on the economic practices of the church.

Form of the Word: A 12-session study written by Stephen Fowl on how to read Scripture well within the context of the Bible’s overall canonical “shape.”