Weekly Prayer

Beginning on Thursday 6/11 we will be offering weekly prayer on Zoom for those who can join us. This will begin at 9 PM EDT and we will offer recordings of the prayers when they become available. A link to the text of the prayer service will be added to this page when we have finalized it.

On 6/11 we will be together particularly to lament over our losses and suffering– from sickness, from economic shutdown, from entrenched systems of racial injustice and specific harm to bodies and relationships that steal beloved members of our family from us.

All prayer, at its heart, is about our embracing for ourselves what God is giving to us, our share in God’s life. When we pray, we aim to see and desire and speak at one in the Trinity, receiving and giving back in love. Lament is a kind of prayer. In lament, we bring our grief and anger to God, crying out for God to act. Jesus does this himself, so we stand with him and with our forebears in the faith, crying out for the coming of God’s kingdom.

Please register for this time together: EP Evening Prayer. Though the registration link shows all the dates planned, we understand that you may not be attending every week. 

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