Vince Amlin

Vince Amlin is a member of the United Church of Christ and a Masters of Divinity student at the University of Chicago- two things that perhaps make him an unusual candidate for the EP. He came to this summer’s gathering at the suggestion of Professor Hauerwas as part of a Ministry Fellowship from the Fund for Theological Education. This fellowship allowed him to design a summer project to deepen his future ministry.

Vince’s original project centered around different models of church-world interaction. Though he had just spent 3 weeks on a Catholic Worker farm in upstate New York, once he came to the Gathering he knew that he had to explore “Church as Kingdom” for the rest of the summer. FTE was gracious enough to allow him to rewrite his project, and he is presently preparing to leave for Church of the Servant King in Eugene, OR after visiting for several weeks with Englewood Christian Church in Indianapolis. For Vince, the EP Gathering felt like a homecoming where he was able to reconnect with his call to ministry and he is looking forward to next year.