Susan Adams

Susan writes:  “I am a member of Englewood Christian Church on the near East  Side of Indianapolis. I became a member in 1987 and have raised  my three kids (all now in college) in the midst of this amazing  community of believers. Originally I taught high school Spanish and  English as a New Language in Indianapolis, but currently am  directing and teaching in a U.S. Department of Education Title III grant, Project Alianza at Butler University. I am also a doctoral student at Indiana University where I am finishing my qualifying exams and preparing to write my prospectus. I am interested in teacher racial identity and its impact on teaching and learning and hope to be in the middle of my dissertation work next fall.
I became involved in EP (in 2005, I think?) because Mike Bowling, our pastor, was mentoring a congregation involved in the Congregational Formation Initiative. I was bugging Mike with so many questions that he finally suggested I come along to the EP Gathering just to shut me up. I was delighted to find theologians, pastors, and layfolk all thinking and talking together and with great energy and passion about the Kingdom of God. Our little group was humbled to find people were interested in our story and in our shared life at Englewood. We excitedly talked all the way home in the car, anxious to somehow communicate all we had learned and heard to the rest of the congregation. We have since brought more of our members along for the EP experience and eagerly look forward each summer to returning to renew friendships, meet new people, and engage deeply in conversation with brothers and sisters who have hearts for the Kingdom of God.
In our journey at Englewood, we have found great comfort and encouragement in knowing that there are other congregations and communities seeking to live out the reality of the coming Kingdom. We have been refreshed by strong teaching, stirring exhortation and glorious worship times. We reference ideas, texts and books written by our EP friends regularly. We have sought advice and counsel from brothers and sisters in other parts of the country and have been deeply touched by the kinship we experience among EP members. We are grateful to God for His abundant goodness and mercy and to each of you for sharing the road with us.”  (February, 2010)