Steve and Emmy Stanley

Steve and Emmy Stanley live in Rogers Park, a north-side neighborhood of Chicago.  Steve serves as a co-pastor of the “Church without Walls” which worships on Sunday mornings at the Lawrence House in the Uptown neighborhood (near the famous Aragon Ballroom).  Steve also serves at Evanston Mennonite Church which holds worship on Sunday evenings. Emmy in the meantime is an active partner, homemaker, folk music student and local volunteer.
In 2004, after 24 years as pastor at Danville Community Church of God in central Illinois, Steve and Emmy moved to Durham, NC for a year of discovery at Duke Divinity School, where he explored issues of ecclesial practice and witness – especially in areas of peacemaking and racial understanding.  Steve first learned about EP through the helpful mentoring of James Lewis of Anderson University.  “He gave me a lot to read at the time – and most of it was from EP people.”  Because they have since re-located to Chicago, Steve and Emmy have been fortunate to regularly attend EP Gatherings.
Now in Chicago, Steve serves at the “Church without Walls,” a non-denominational racially diverse church that is located at the Lawrence House, a 370-unit building in Uptown.  Though this once elegant structure has seen better days, it now is home for a generous, compassionate Christian fellowship engaged in practices of mutual caring, sharing of resources and hospitality.  Steve says, “I’m learning a great deal about what ‘being the church’ can mean in an urban setting — or anywhere for that matter.”  Church members have recently undertaken leadership in the formation of the Lawrence House Tenants Organization and are currently working on a larger community effort to preserve and secure decent, affordable housing. 
Steve and Emmy are grateful to be a part of the larger EP community.  “How hopeful it is for us to share in this journey — to learn from others how God is working in His people and how the church is always finding again how to live out what it believes.” (Nov. 2009)