Scott Sharman & Alexandra Meek

Scott Sharman and Alexandra Meek live in Edmonton, Canada. They have been married for four years, and were just blessed with their first child, Elliot Nicholas, in May of 2010. They attend St. Timothy’s Anglican Church.Scott, 31, is a Ph.D. candidate in theology at the University of St. Michael’s College in Toronto, Canada. His passion and academic interests are in creative movements that work to advance visible Christian unity. This was what initially drew him to the Ekklesia Project. He has attended the 2008 and 2009 Gatherings, and has benefited tremendously from their exploration of race and economics as issues which have divided communities (Christian and otherwise) and which the churches must seek to come together on in order to give a more credible public witness.Alex, 29, is a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada, and is currently on maternity leave. She recently completed her first parish appointment as an associate minister, and also served on the Diocese of Edmonton’s Barnabas Initiative – a movement working to re-focus Anglican parishes in a community-based and missional direction. She has been interested in the notion of the church as an alternative polis since her time as a undergraduate student when she undertook a major research project on the insights of Yoder and Hauerwas in connection with the Canadian Church-state relationship. The 2009 EP Gathering was her first.Elliot, 1 month, was recently baptized, and is growing in body, mind, and faith in a manner requisite for a baby boy. He currently enjoys eating, music, and story time.