Matthew Bösiger

Well, my name is Matthieu and I have a lovely wife whose name is Marie Eve. I was an engineer working in an intellectual property office and my wife was a dietician. For one year, we are both involved in a training process so as to become Salvation Army officers in France.
For this training, we have been appointed by the Salvation Army in Mazamet which is a small town in the south of France, near Toulouse. During our training, we spend 3 days a week in theological studies (distance learning) and 3 days serving the community (preaching, teaching, leading and administration). It’s a community of about 30 people (which is not so small for a protestant congregation in France).

I heard about the EP because I’m interested in Hauerwas’ work and I read once that he was involved in  the EP, so I read more about the project and I followed lectionary reflections each week. I have to say that I feel in communion with EP convictions.

As for my heroes, … difficult question. Today, I have two main heroes :
– Commissioner Francy Cachelin : He was a great officer of the Salvation Army, a true man of God and a brilliant soul winner (including mine)
– Karl Barth : It is probably a too easy answer… but reading his work has definitely changed my Gospel comprehension.