Matt Tennant

Matt introduces himself in these words:
“My name is Matthew Tennant, and I am a doctoral candidate in theology at the University of Oxford, UK.  I first heard about the Ekklesia Project from Beth Newman when she taught my theology courses in seminary in Richmond, VA.  At that time, I was serving as the pastor of a small Baptist church and could identify with the notion of radical friendship, a friendship that transcends denominational boundaries.  To me, the Ekklesia Project symbolizes that which is particular about Christianity.  Secular humanists can be friends, but there is something unique (or radical) about friendship with Christ as the common denominator.  I continue to support the Ekklesia Project because it fosters the kind of Christian faith that my wife and I hope to share with our two sons, Dean who is 6 years old and Eddy who is 4 years old.  My family and I attend New Road Baptist Church in Oxford, UK and I preach regularly in University chapels and local churches.”  (April 2009)