Mary Bowling

Mary Bowling is a full-time member at Englewood Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mary has very little formal education, and none at all related to anything theological or philosophical. She does however, have more than three decades of experience in living as a part of a local congregation. As a part of Englewood, Mary is involved with teaching children’s classes on Sundays, participating in a daily homeschooling group, keeping bees, writing book reviews, shoveling snow, photographing people and events, leading youth trips, playing hockey, cheering for other people who play hockey, running (with or without children), and some light gardening. She has spent much of the past seventeen years raising four children with her husband, Joe, who is both a full-time member of Englewood Christian Church and a full-time employee of Englewood Community Development Corporation. For relaxation, Mary also holds a part-time bookkeeping job at a local food co-op.

Englewood’s introduction to the Ekklesia Project came through Phil Kenneson, who is many Englewood members’ favorite part of attending Milligan College. We attended our first gathering many years ago, and have not missed a gathering since. We quickly found kindred spirits in other congregations across the nation who were seeking authentic expressions of the Kingdom in their own places. These friendships have continued to deepen over the years and the encouragement we have found, and hopefully have given, has been life-giving for our congregation.