Mark Gast

I live in Portland, Oregon and am familiar with the EP because of Church of the Servant King (COSK). My wife, Carol, is a member and I take part in almost all COSK activities. However, I am a practicing Catholic and very involved in the Hispanic Catholic Community as well. Also, I am an ESL teacher by profession. As you might imagine, the subject of the Church and immigration is something near to my heart.

COSK has put on EP gatherings twice here in Portland and I have been a part of those. This summer will be my first Gathering in Chicago. I grew up in Chicago and when I am there I usually want to spend time with my family. This time my cousin decided to join me at the EP so I can do both: attend the EP and spend time with my family! I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

The picture was taken at Wrigley Field last year. I am scratching my head over some crazy move the Cubs just made. Perhaps I should be wondering why I still follow the Cubs.