John Nugent

John C. Nugent is a member of Delta Community Christian Church—a network of house churches in Lansing, MI—which is part of the Stone-Campbell Tradition (aka Christian Churches/Churches of Christ). He is an ordained minister and has served as Professor of Old Testament at Great Lakes Christian College since 2002. John and Beth have been married over twenty years and have three daughters: Alexia, Sierra, and Alissa. John loves teaching college students and dabbles in writing. His publications have focused on ecclesiology, social ethics, and the writings of John Howard Yoder.

John has attended all but two or three Ekklesia Project gatherings. He served EP’s Congregational Formation Initiative as part of the pastor/scholar team that worked with Englewood Christian Church. He also preached a sermon to begin the EP conference on Peace in 2012. John began shadowing Brent Laytham in 2014 so he may assume the role of conference planner in 2015.

To learn more about John’s service in the church and academy, visit his website: