Joey and Jolynne Aszterbaum

Joey: I live in Hemet, CA with my wife Jolynne, our four children, and our many animals. I work in Public Social Services, helping the unemployed and underemployed to find satisfying work. I discovered the Ekklesia Project through the works of Stanley Hauerwas and William Cavanaugh, and their writing still influences my passion for People, Peace, and Planet. I am currently in the discernment process in the San Diego Diocese of the Episcopal Church-which I expect to last a long time. I was a delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention for Bernie Sanders and remain politically committed as an expression of loving my neighbor and my enemy.

Jolynne (Jan 2013):  My name is Jolynne Aszterbaum. I am married to Joey Aszterbaum (for 17 years yesterday!) We have four kids. Kyler 15, Josie 13, Ethan 10 and Ellie 7. We live in Hemet, CA. Which is in the desert. In a valley. Alllll by itself. 🙂

After much soul searching and lots of reading, my husband felt drawn to a more historical and liturgical church. But not me. I am usually happy anywhere my kids are happy, I was fine with the church of my youth, but wanting us all to be together on Sunday mornings, I went with him kicking and screaming 😉


And lo and behold, I found at our humble little Episcopal church, a collection of raw, authentic, lovely humans who were passionate about Jesus, care deeply for the poor and their community, and love each other closer than family. And I saw God in a new, fresh and much needed light. And I am so grateful.
I can safely say I am not like my husband who would know all the famous theologians to list as influences or heroes. But if I were to give you a list of people who I think “have it right,” they would be; Wendy Batstone, Donna Baker, C.S. Lewis, Tony Tietz and Stephen Colbert. 🙂 Each for different reasons, but across the board, I love authentic Christians who think and live outside the box.
I found out about the EP through Joey. Because of the journey he was on, through reading and friends on a similar journey, he found the EP, and then brought me along the next year. I am so grateful to be connected to such an amazing group of people. I have been so encouraged the last two years at the Gathering and being connected through the year with various EPers.