Jenny Williams

Jenny Williams is currently the pastor of Avery United Methodist Church in Morgantown, West Virginia.  A native of southern California, she spent seven years in North Carolina and then moved to WV through a little recruitment program they like to call “marriage.”  Youth ministry, sacramental ethics, and helping congregations serve people in need are her passions in ministry.  She is enjoying co-directing a new theological youth initiative called the Radical Discipleship Academy of Appalachia.  She tries to be outdoors whenever she can in the spring and summer.  Fall leaves and snow are beautiful, but cold weather is stupid.   She has been part of the EP since 2005 and has led two different congregations through the Congregational Formation Initiative and served on the pastor-scholar team for a third.  What she loves most about being in the EP is meeting faithful disciples who live out their call to Christ in a wide variety of ecclesial settings and who are really interesting people.  The people of EP who make her better than she would be without them.