Hillary Roper

Hillary Roper is preparing to start her junior year as an undergraduate student at Butler University. She was born and raised at Englewood Christian Church located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and continues to call it home. She studies Elementary Education, and is capable of babbling about her work for hours on end to anyone kind enough to listen. She spends her days taking classes, swing/ballroom dancing, hiking, gardening in her vegetable and black raspberry gardens, and working at St. Mary’s Child Center as a substitute teacher. While she makes virtually no money, the endless hugs, compliments, and words of inspiration from four-year olds make it worth it.

 Hillary discovered the Ekklesia Project through her friends at Englewood in 2005. Her mother, Susan Adams, talked about the exciting conversations so much that Hillary was determined to be part of it. She attended her first Gathering in 2009, and the summer of 2011 will be her third Gathering. Hillary is also very passionate about social justice, urban gardening, the slow food movement, and local economy. The topic of immigration is very near to her heart due to the growing population of Hispanic immigrants to Indianapolis, and many of them are in her classroom. The EP has become a great outlet for conversation, developing ideas, and forming relationships within the Kingdom.