Heather Carlson

Heather and Jason Carlson, along with their two children, traveled from their Canadian home to attend Gathering ’09.  They have recently relocated a good deal further north.  Heather, who is joining the editorial team of the EP Newsletter, introduces herself in these words:In 2007 I was pastoring a United Church of Canada congregation in northern Alberta with a scarcity of colleagues in either proximity or theology.  Janice Love & Ed Searcy (mentors from seminary days), who had been collaborating with Mike Budde on a project, decided to check out the EP “Congregational Formation” Gathering (our shared passion) and invited me along.  It took little time to realize I’d found a gathering of pilgrim companions.

This spring my husband Jason (computer programmer) and I both felt God calling us to leave our respective work.  So we resigned… and prayerfully awaited the next step. This fall sees us settling into the controversial oil based resource community of Fort McMurray, AB. We’re at the other end of the pipeline that probably does, or will,
supply your fuel.  Jason is the information technology manager at a new recreation facility and I am learning to be a full time homemaker (our children Timothy (5) and Lydia (1) were with us at the 2009 gathering).

We are currently worshiping with a Christian Reformed congregation and continue to stay up into the wee hours of the night talking ecclesiology and discipleship.  In many ways it is a surprise to be planted here, so amid the transition we are seeking to be attentive to the prompting of God to serve.  (Oct. 2009)