Heather Bunce

bunceheatherHeather and Ryan are happily married with two children. Their daughter, Shelby, is 11 and son, Riley, is 9. They live in Lansing, Michigan where they are members of their house-church, Delta Community Christian Church. Heather teaches part-time at Great Lakes Christian College in Lansing, MI after having completed a Masters degree in biblical studies in 2012 that was partly inspired by conversations that began at EP. She especially enjoys teaching Biblical Hebrew. Heather first started attending EP in 2007, a couple of years after others in her church discovered the conference. She has developed relationships through EP both with people who identify with her Church of Christ/Christian Church background and those who bring the richness of other traditions. She first met members of Englewood Christian Church at EP and was excited to discover others from her tradition who were also developing practices of radical discipleship in their community. That relationship has flourished, as have many others as she continues to meet new people at EP with whom to share her story and as she listens to the stories of others.