Delta Community Christian Church

Delta Community Christian Church, a community committed to being the Church in Lansing, Michigan, was born in the summer of 2001 as part of a house church called Solomon’s Porch.  By autumn of that year, the original group had divided with the intention of establishing a network of house churches and bearing witness to their community in diverse ways.

Since that time, DCC has continued to grow and to branch out within the Lansing area.  They are a congregation committed to radical discipleship and to serving the world in which they live.  Because the congregation has no paid staff and minimal possessions, they are able to devote their financial resources and time to missions, outreach, and meeting the needs of those around them.

For the past three years, DCC has been a consistent presence at the EP summer gathering, bringing 9 or 10 of their members each year.  They feel a kinship with EP because of shared convictions and commitments, and view the gathering as a beneficial time for bonding among their community and making new friendships with like-minded Christians from diverse places and faith traditions.  Look for the group from DCC this summer at the gathering.