Danny Fong and Redeemer Community Church

Danny introduces himself and his congregation in these words:

“My wife and I have been regulars at the EP Summer Gathering since 2005 when we first learned of EP through our friends at Grace Fellowship Community Church.  I remember resonating with what the speakers had to say about “empire” and finding company in the gospel with folks that I met there.  Our congregation has mostly been connected to Eklessia through me.  I read and learn from many who are associated with the EP, and I always bring back stories from the summer gathering.  A few others have made the trek from San Francisco to Chicago, but in 2008 as our congregation became part of the second cohort in the Congregational Formation Initiative, we had the joy of having Philip Kenneson and Kyle Childress come to Redeemer.

Redeemer Community Church is part of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church denomination and many of our folks come from an Evangelical church background.  We are a relatively new congregation, planted in May 2002 with a core group that was sent out from Grace Fellowship.  We resonate with much of what is at the heart of EP.  I remember early on hearing how EP was formed by a desire for “more in the church” and for friendship with others who sought the same.  We count it a privilege to be counted among that number, and to be connected to folks who inspire and help us to continue the journey of being the church.” (March, 2009)