Chris McMahon and Jason King

“Consuming Jesus: Saving Soteriology in a Market Driven Culture.” This title, from an essay by EP member, Chris McMahon, nicely captures interests that he and fellow EP member, Jason King, share. Chris and Jason are recipients of a Louisville Grant focused on connecting soteriology and ecclesiology to substantive church practices.

They attended EP’s gathering last summer and were particularly drawn to the rich understandings of Christian formation narrated and discussed in the sessions and over meals. Chris and Jason both teach theology at Saint Vincent’s College, a Benedictine institution in Latrobe, PA (former home of both Mr. Rogers and Rolling Rock Beer!).

Chris is a member of Saint Vincent Basilica Parish, but also attends a Mennonite church with his wife, who is Mennonite.

Jason grew up Catholic, post Vatican II, in the predominantly Baptist culture of small town, Kentucky. He describes himself as a “cradle Catholic” that converted to Catholicism at the hands of two Lutherans (two professors at Berea College). Jason’s wife directs service learning at Saint Vincent’s and they have two wonderful children (4 and 1 years old and one on the way).

EP is delighted to have Chris and Jason as fellow travelers for God’s kingdom.