Chi-Ming & Juliette Chien

Chi-Ming and Juliette Chien are members of Redeemer Community Church in San Francisco, where they live with their daughters Joelle, Evangeline and Micayah. They serve in various aspects of the life of their small and vibrant Cumberland Presbyterian congregation. Chi-Ming serves in worship leadership, and Juliette leads the youth ministry and serves on the church staff. Redeemer participated in the second cohort of the Congregational Formation Initiative.

Chi-Ming’s day job is Principal of Dayspring Technologies, a Web and mobile app development firm in San Francisco which began (and continues) as a 17-year-old experiment in seeking “to embody and bear witness to God’s redeeming of the workplace, marketplace and community.”

Chi-Ming and Juliette first became familiar with the EP through hearing about it from folks at Grace Fellowship and from borrowing books off their pastor’s bookshelf. Chi-Ming attended his first Gathering in 2007 “fresh” off of an overnight flight from San Francisco–and promptly vowed never to take a red-eye again. The ensuing travel fog notwithstanding, meeting people at the Gathering who were interested not only in talking about the church as family and polity, but also putting it into practice, helped to impress on him the value of this particular group of friends for the peculiar journey that is Christian discipleship. Chi-Ming served on the planning committee for the 2009, 2010 and 2014 Gatherings has served on the EP Board since 2010.