Aaron Weldon

I grew up in Lubbock, TX, and my family lives in the West Texas/Panhandle area.
I graduated from Texas A&M with a BS, married my wife Lindsay, and moved to Pasadena, CA. We lived there for three years while I studied for the M Div at Fuller Theological Seminary. While there, we belonged to Pasadena Mennonite Church My studies focused in part on ecclesiology and Anabaptist theology. We were deeply touched by Anabaptist theology, particularly as articulatedamv

by John Howard Yoder, and the Mennonite Church continues to be a source of inspiration for our family. While my wife studied for her MA in higher education administration atBoston College, we were received into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. Currently, we live with our 10 month old son Elijah Thomas in Washington, DC, where I am studying for the PhD in systematic theology at the Catholic University of America and my wife works at the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities. We belong to the Shrine of the Sacred Heart parish, which is a wonderful Christian community.


In terms of significant influences, I would name Stanley Hauerwas – reading him and Yoder made a big impact on how I understand church; Joseph Ratzinger – he’s primarily a theological influence, but I also admire his patience and sobriety; Alasdair MacIntyre – an intellectual influence whose accounts of virtue and community have also been helped me in ordering my own life; St. Thomas Aquinas – of course, he’s the patron saint of theologians and perhaps the greatest of theologians, but I find myself drawn to the single-minded devotion to God with which he pursued the intellectual/contemplative life; St. Teresa of Avila – while not a mystic myself, I admire her perseverance in prayer.


Hauerwas mentions the EP at the end of A Better Hope, so I learned about it by reading him. Every summer since I became an endorser, I have hoped to attend the yearly Gathering, but something always came up. Even so, just knowing that there are people who would be involved with the EP has been a source of strength for me and my family. (From the April 2012 newsletter)